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Boca de Pascuales

Is an extensive beach just south where the Armeria River meets the Pacific Ocean. Here we face an open sea where waves break on an ever-changing seabed. it is known as "Mexican Beach Break."
Here the currents are less predictable and often stronger. It is common for sandbars to form and dissipate within a matter of days forming ideal conditions to produce large tubular waves

The Geographic Coordinates of the Hotel are: 18 ° 51'23.7 "N 103 ° 57'40.1" W

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We are lucky to have the perfect mixture of topography and weather to create beautiful waves almost all the year. Our hotel is located directly in front of the break, making it a beloved spot by surfers worldwide


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El Hotel Real de Pascuales

It is located just 20 minutes from the city of Tecoman, when arriving at Boca de Pascuales is the first hotel on the left side, next to a small triangle with two palms at the entrance of the town.

We are on the beach, just in front of the "Beach Break", it is a simple hotel, but with all the comforts and different accommodation options.

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Caracol de mar

The rooms have the following services: Air Conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV, hot water, the simplest AC is indicated only.
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