Privacy Policy of Hotel Real de Pascuales.

The person responsible for handling the personal information in reservations and press releases of the Hotel: Edgar Álvarez Quintana.
The person responsible for the Website and Bulletins: Ma. Eugenia Cabañas G.

Hotel Real De Pascuales
Carretera a Pascuales s/n
Boca de Pascuales Beach
Tecomán, Colima
Email:> h.realdepascuales@gmail.com

We guarantee the protection of all personal information provided by the User on the website and in their registration upon arrival at the Hotel. In compliance with the following laws:
- Ley General de protección de datos personales en posesión de sujetos obligados (México 2017) (Protection of Personal Data held by obligated parties General Law (Mexico 2017))
-“Estándares de Protección de Datos de los Estados Iberoamericanos” (Colombia, 2016) ("Ibero-American States Data Protection Standards" (Colombia, 2016)
-Reglamento General de Proteccion de Datos (Europa, 2018) (Data Protection General Regulation (Europe, 2018)

The information is collected for the following purposes:
(i) management of hotel reservations
(ii) sending advertisement and commercial prospects by electronic media, about the company, its activities, products, and services.

Adequate security measures have been established to prevent loss and unauthorized access when handling personal information.

At any time, the User can exercise the rights of access, correction, cancellation, and opposition to their personal information, as well as consent withdrawal for any of the aforementioned reasons, by sending your request via email.

Hotel Real de Pascuales, 2021.