Hotel Real de Pascuales : How to get there.

Colima Airport Lic.Miguel de la Madrid
22 km (14 miles) west of the city of Colima

Internacional Airport Playa de Oro,Manzanillo
highway Manzanillo-Barra de Navidad km 42

Travel from Tijuana, Mexico city and other parts of the country to Colima

Travel from Los Angeles, New York, Toronto Canada and other points of the world to Manzanillo

Bus Colima-Tecoman
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Bus Manzanillo-Tecoman
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You can take a Taxi to Boca de Pascuales

Phone numbers:
(313)324 0005
(313)326 7205
(313)324 6444
(313)324 4744

Bus Tecomán a Boca de Pascuales


Depart Tecomán - Pascuales: 7am,8.15,9.15,10.45,12.45pm,1.45,3.15,4.45,5.15,6.45pm

It takes half an hour to reach Pascuales and leave 15 minutes later to Tecoman